The Fierce & The Dead – On VHS

Always liked The Fierce & The Dead but this EP shows a move toward a definite style. Almost as if the the preceding releases were but a prelude to this real statement of intent.

666..6 has a Rano Pano-esque raw energy, and as with Mogwai‘s forays into heavier territory you can sense a conviction akin to a righting of a wrong. That’s the thing with Post Rock, although a relatively minor genre, you get the feeling that when the historians look back in 50 years it will be these pieces of music that reflected the mood of the nation at the time.
Hawaii continues in the same vein but with Steven’s distinctive intricate guitar style to the fore. Part 3 is a half and half. First part delicate, even beautiful, before another thunderous heavy outré. The title track ‘On VHS‘ is another astonishing piece. A mix of King Crimson circa Larks Tongues plus a generous dosage of Mogwai and Fripp Soundscapes thrown in for good measure. The Fierce & The Dead have arrived and then some with this EP. I urge you to download from

Rating: 4/5


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