Dropshard – Silk

Dropshard Silk


The second Dropshard album SILK is the follow up to the hugely ambitious but ultimately ground breaking debut album Anywhere But Home

In between these albums they were one of the highlights of the UK’s Electric Garden festival in 2011 and have collaborated with The Watch bassist Guglielmo Mariotti for a stunning version of the Genesis classic The Musical Box (watch on youtube)

Silk is probably going to be their seminal album. Certain tracks seem to define a prog bands place on the map. The Underfall Yard by Big Big Train or Down And Out In Paris and London by The Tangent spring to mind. On Silk, Dropshard have 2 such epics within an album of stunning quality. Memento and The Endless Road will send a tingle down your spine like all good progressive rocks should do to stand the test of time.

These two tracks are elegant in their progression. Never conforming to 4/4 or conventional structure they swoop and soar while the vocals of Enrico Scanu neatly dovetail with convincing emotion. The playing is also stunning for a band so young. Alex Stucchi’s bass is more prominent than on ABH and although Sebastiano Benatti’s lead guitar is often understated it is used in a way that brings elegance to the work (quite like Robert Fripp in some of the later King Crimson albums).

The standard of musicianship is high without being indulgent but don’t get the impression that this is a heavily complex work, tracks such as Eyes and Tied Together bring the band into more commercial territory. In truth the album is eminently listenable whatever your taste but if you want to discover the best new work in progressive rock, you simply have to check out this album.

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